Dbvisit Standby MultiPlatform 11.7.2 ( 24 Jun 2024) Released


11.7.2 (24 Jun 2024)


This release has fixes only for PostgreSQL customers and has some fixes for translations in Japanese.

  • PROJECT-1326, PROJECT-1327, PROJECT-1328 – When creating a PostgreSQL standby cluster using streaming, the chosen streaming replication user was later used for operations other than replication, leading to permission denied errors when performing Switchover. The replication user is now only used for the replication connection from the standby cluster to the primary cluster.

  • PROJECT-1326, PROJECT-1327, PROJECT-1328 – The PostgreSQL Switchover action could fail when it is started when the standby cluster has a large amount of WAL to recover. In this scenario, when starting the standby cluster as the new primary, it can take some time before the cluster can be connected to. The Switchover process now waits for up to 10 minutes for the new primary cluster to accept connections.

  • PROJECT-1501 – A cosmetic issue on the PostgreSQL Set Up Disaster Recovery page has been fixed.

  • PROJECT-1193, PROJECT-1324 – Some Japanese translations have been improved. This change affects email notifications from the Observer and some text in the GUI for Switchover.

  • PROJECT-1458 – When activating a PostgreSQL standby cluster in WAL Shipping mode, any WAL backups that have been transferred to standby but not yet applied to the standby cluster are now applied prior to activation.

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