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Re-starting MINE does not update PLOG sequence


Read our docs This article provides a solution when MINE does not update the PLOG sequence to the latest one after restart.

Problem Details

Problem Statement

Re-starting MINE goes back to OLD PLOGS

Applicable Error Code

dbvrep> shutdown mine
Upon restart MINE will go back to redolog 106421 (thread 1), going back 5,028 logs

Affected Versions

Replicate Version 2.8

Affected Platforms

Platform Independent


Sometimes when we restart MINE due to scheduled maintenance of server or database , the MINE goes back to very OLD plog sequence instead of latest ones.

The list transactions from the console too does not show any old transactions in the database and shows only current transactions.

The list obsolete redo shows from where the MINE process would start processing after restart(It is a good practice to run this before a MINE shutdown) . 

The workaround was to manually set the MINE to the PLOG sequence from where it would start processing.


To resolve the issue set then below parameter and re-start the MINE process. 


After the restart MINE started to process correctly for future restarts. 

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