Use a different Network Interface to send Archivelogs to Standby


Read our docs This article explains how to use a different network for dbvisit archivelog send and apply.

Problem Details

Problem Statement

Using a different network for Dbvisit processing

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Affected Versions

Version Independent

Affected Platforms

Linux Flavours

Solution Steps 

1) setup /etc/hosts file with 2 IP addresses. For example it would look like: public-primary public-standby nfs-backup

2) Now  change the configuration starting with dbvnet config file. Edit file $DBVISIT_BASE/dbvnet/conf/dbvnet.conf and set following:


Do this on primary & standby and restart dbvnet afterwards. netstat -ano | grep 7890 should show you, that 7890 is listening on IP address of public-primary.

3) Do the same for dbvserver - if you use it. Config file is $DBVISIT_BASE/dbvserver/conf/dbvserver.conf. Parameter to edit is bind_ip. Restart dbvserver afterwards

4) Change you DDC file variables DESTINATION and SOURCE to contain public-primary and public-standby. Do this only on primary.

DESTINATION = public-standby
SOURCE = public-primary

5) Now you have to create executable file, which will echo the current hostname when run. For example:

echo "#\!/bin/bash
echo public-primary" > $DBVISIT_BASE/standby/

chmod +x $DBVISIT_BASE/standby/

Create the same file on standby - except you change the public-primary to public-standby

6) Change DDC file variable HOSTNAME_CMD to point to this file. For example:

HOSTNAME_CMD = /usr/dbvisit/standby/

7) execute dbvisit <DDC> on primary - this should transfer the modified DDC file to standby server

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