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Dbvisit Replicate 2.9.00 released


We are pleased to announce the release of our latest version Dbvisit Replicate 2.9.00.  This is a scheduled maintenance release. The items listed below have been either fixed and/or added:


  1. RQ-248: Add support for XML datatype
  2. RQ-465: Improved dictionary load during MINE startup
  3. RQ-506: Support temporal validity (12c)
  4. RQ-593: New supported target - PostgreSQL (Community Edition)
  5. RQ-609: Internal improvements - fetcher failing to send archive logs due to network related issue following art
  6. RQ-755: Add additional information regarding TNS_AMDIN to Nextsteps.txt
  7. RQ-951: For both RESOLVE and DISCARD HANDLER commands handle IGNORE and DISCARD as same (synonyms)
  8. RQ-1089: Add support for ROWID datatype
  9. RQ-1427: Allow user to change the default for conflict handlers
  10. RQ-1852: Add option to enable sql trace (10046)
  11. RQ-1965: Improve ASM read speed
  12. RQ-2073: RESOLVE CONFLICT LAST implemented
  13. RQ-2096: Internal improvement on log messages with regards to ASM auto detection
  14. RQ-2215: Fix notification from MINE when FETCHER is down
  15. RQ-2239: New supported target - Kafka Connect connector
  16. RQ-2274: Improved TIMESTAMP mapping from Oracle to MySQL
  17. RQ-2370: Add full supplemental logging for Replicate internal tables
  18. RQ-2385: Improved process when Fetcher hits high redo generation (#9161)
  19. RQ-2398: Allow storing metadata dictionary for source database in another Oracle database
  20. RQ-2471: all.sh script doesn't set ON_ERROR and ON_WARNING to SKIP in the DDC database
  21. RQ-2623: Internal improved handling of FATAL-9087
  22. RQ-2678: dba_constraints and dba_triggers permissions missing in all.sh for AWS RDS
  23. RQ-2702: Create support package in temporary "in-progress" file and rename it when finished
  24. RQ-2704: Improved SNMP notification descriptions to traps (#9065)
  25. RQ-2782: Add additional information about running processes to support package (#9616)
  26. RQ-2791: New supported target - Tibero
  27. RQ-2817: Better handling of ALTER TABLE TRUNCATE
  28. RQ-2858: Improved handling of PLSQL replication and resolving SIGSEGV on apply (#9789)
  29. RQ-2880: Resolve FATAL-4101: Segment violation (SIGSEGV) received (#9789)
  30. RQ-2889: Resolve FATAL0: (free_c) Error no out of bounds for memory accounting (#9836, #9899)
  31. RQ-2901: Command UNSET_CONFLICT_HANDLERS to set the conflict handlers to default values
  32. RQ-2910: Various internal changes regarding Fetcher performance (#9995)
  33. RQ-2940: Resolve incorrect mine of "alter table add column" with default or multiple columns (#10051)
  34. RQ-2987: Resolve issue where ORA-00957: duplicate column name reported (#10051, #10070)
  35. RQ-3067: Fix handling of RAW datatype in conflict handlers
  36. RQ-3142: Improve thread locking causing error FATAL-5203
  37. RQ-3148: Handle cases when support package tries to connect to apply database and can't do so
  38. RQ-3158: Fix resetting of the number of failed checks in fetcher sequence notification
  39. RQ-3164: Error email notification from Mine process did not respect NOTIFY SET ERRE settings
  40. RQ-3166: Add support for BINARY_DOUBLE and BINARY_FLOAT datatypes
  41. RQ-3187: Allow "()" around select clause in CTAS (#10465, #10473)
  42. RQ-3198: Resolve Mine crash on FATAL-6301 (#10538)
  43. RQ-3254: Fix crashing apply commit/rollback transaction
  44. RQ-3269: Resolve issue with logs not rotating on Windows based systems (#10631)
  45. RQ-3273: Fix MINE: FATAL-5259: Memory limit exhausted
  46. RQ-3282: Improve sending of data between Fetcher and Mine
  47. RQ-3286: Improve handling of FATAL-2811 (#10682)
  48. RQ-3288: Improve handling of FATAL-4101: Segment violation (#10799)
  49. RQ-3289: Support non-upper case variations of Replicate Editions in setup wizard (#10799)
  50. RQ-3305: Improved sending notifications when ARCHONLY is used (#10793)
  51. RQ-3323: Fix "Out of memory" error during support package creation. Introduced new parameter PORT_PACKAGE_MAX_ZIP_MEMBER_SIZE
  52. RQ-3333: Improve Fetcher log file rotation (#10793, #10631)
  53. RQ-3349: Resolve issue where once you specify any option for the support package in the console it is mbered for duration of session
  54. RQ-3395: Improve performance of "truncate" statement
  55. RQ-3432: Improved handling of Azure SQL Server - introduce _APPLY_MSSQL_IS_AZURE_VARIANT
  56. RQ-3469: Fix Incorrectly handled DATE column and other duplicities when updating table with LOB
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