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Dbvisit Replicate 2.8.06 released


We are pleased to announce the release of our latest version Dbvisit Replicate 2.8.06.  This is a scheduled maintenance release.  The items listed below have been either fixed and/or added:

  1. RQ-2589: Fix an APPLY crash due to an overflow in number precision when replicating to L
  2. RQ-2910: Improve communication between FETCHER and MINE
  3. RQ-3075: Various internal changes regarding FETCHER performance (#9995)
  4. RQ-3086: Fix an issue when List obsolete redo was not moving forward (#10276, #11094)
  5. RQ-3142: Improve thread locking causing error FATAL-5203
  6. RQ-3167: Fix an APPLY crash when running "apply commit transaction XXX"
  7. RQ-3172: Fix an APPLY crash because of wrong ordering of changes at the same SCN (#10465)
  8. RQ-3198: Fix a MINE crash with FATAL-6301 (#10538)
  9. RQ-3216: Fix an APPLY crash with FATAL-4101 (#10538)
  10. RQ-3246: Fix an APPLY crash with FATAL-4106: syntax error at (eval 2572) line 4, near " (#10616)
  11. RQ-3252: Improve handling of timeout and network errors in MINE shown in logfile as -1506, WARN-4213, WARN-4504
  12. RQ-3259: Fix an issue when notifications sometimes were not sent from FETCHER
  13. RQ-3263: Fix an APPLY crash with FATAL-1537 - Incorrect string value: '\xD3N DE ...' column 'SQL_TEXT_NOBIND' at row 1 (#10663)
  14. RQ-3278: Improve log file rotation on Windows shown in log as WARN-2910, WARN-2910 633, #10682, #10835)
  15. RQ-3288: Improve handling of FATAL-4101: Segment violation (#10799)
  16. RQ-3305: Improve sending notifications when ARCHONLY is used (#10793)
  17. RQ-3333: Improve FETCHER log file rotation (#10793, #10631)
  18. RQ-3349: Resolve an issue where once you specify any option for the support package in console it is remembered for duration of session (#10970)
  19. RQ-3356: Backport of fix of "Out of memory error" during support package creation (323)
  20. RQ-3450: Fix an issue when files of type *.rtf & *.jar stored as BLOBS were not icated correctly
  21. RQ-3476: Resolve SIGSEGV due to no LOB value in ECOL$ update in DDL transaction (#11228)
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