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End of Life Support Dbvisit Replicate 2.7


Read our docs Beginning November 1st 2017 Dbvisit will no longer provide updates, fixes and technical support to Dbvisit Replicate 2.7. 

What you should do?

We recommend all customers migrate to the latest version of Dbvisit Replicate 2.9 , which offers additional supported destinations available for Oracle companies wishing to stream their data,with
Tibero and PostgreSQL now added to the current lineup of Hadoop,CSV,Google Cloud SQL,Microsoft SQL Server,Kafka and MySQL.We therefore strongly encourage our customers to
upgrade to the latest version of Dbvisit Replicate to stay up-to-date with replication technology.

How to Upgrade?

You can download the latest version of the software from the below link , based on the platform in which Dbvisit is running.


The below link would provide the latest changes,fixes and improvements done.


To upgrade from Dbvisit Replicate 2.7 to 2.9, please follow the below Knowledge Base article.


You can access the user guide for Dbvisit Replicate 2.9 from the below link.



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