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Dbvisit Replicate Architecture Overview



Source Database   - Database that contains the data that needs to be replicated.

Target Database    - Database that receives the replicated data.


Dbvisit Replicate reads (mines) Oracle redo logs in real time at the source database, converts the transactions to SQL commands and executes them (applies) them at the target database.

Dbvisit Replicate is very efficient, has very low system overhead and can handle large transaction volumes without compromising the performance of the source database. Dbvisit Replicate uses its own mining engine and does not use Oracle components or API's.

Both databases are open and available for reads and writes. 

The source database has to be Oracle; the target database can be Oracle, SQL Server or MySQL.

For 2-way replication or master-to-master both source and target databases have to be Oracle.


Dbvisit Replicate consists of only one executable. This is dbvrep on Linux and Unix and dbvrep.exe on Windows. The dbvrep executable handles the mining, the applying, the console and includes the setup wizard. 


Dbvisit Replicate is installed differently depending on the platform:


  • RPM or
  • TAR file


  • TAR file


  • Windows installer


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