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MINE/APPLY on Windows and Linux/Unix


On Linux/Unix, the processes are started using the parameter --daemon:

$ ./dbvrep --ddcfile LINA.ddc --daemon start MINE


The --daemon parameter causes the process to detach from the console and run in the background.

The -all.sh script generated by the setup wizard starts the processes this way.

On Windows, processes are registered as services and started by Windows automatically.

The -all.bat script deletes any old service for the process/ddc, creates a new one and starts it:

$ ./dbvrep --ddcfile LINA.ddc delete service MINE
$ ./dbvrep --ddcfile LINA.ddc create service MINE
$ ./dbvrep --ddcfile LINA.ddc start_service MINE


The start_service command does exactly the same as pressing start button in Services console or using standard Windows utility "NET START".

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