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Configuring Replicate with DDC file


The following Step-by-step example shows steps needed to configure APPLY process for using DDC file instead of DDC database.

  1. Run Setup Wizard as usually and create a new replication using all script generated by Setup Wizard.
  2. Do not start mine, apply and fetcher processes.
  3. Backup -APPLY.ddc file on apply server.
  4. On mine server run

    sh start-console.sh show all > -APPLY.ddc
  5. Open new -APPLY.ddc file and delete

    DDC loaded from database (368 variables).
    Dbvisit Replicate version 2.7.20_unreleased.5952
    Copyright (C) Dbvisit Software Limited.  All rights reserved.
    DDC file /home/oracle//-MINE.ddc loaded.

    from the beginning and

    OK-0: Completed successfully.

    from the end of the file.

  6. Check that every parameter is printed on one line only. Sometimes you can find incorrect formatting like this:


    Fix if necessary.

  7. Remove all lines that do not set any value, for example:


    (note: there can be a space character at the end of the line which causing parameters to be set incorrectly)

  8. Add "memory_set " at the beginning of every line.
  9. Find every occurrence of the following parameters:
    • DDC_USER

    and comment them out by adding # sign at the beginning of the line (every occurrence means parameters with *., MINE., APPPLY., FETHCER. prefixes)

  10. Copy the new -APPLY.ddc file from the mine server to the apply server.
  11. Do not change -run-.sh script on apply server. The script used to call the old apply ddc file which instructed the process to read all the parameters from the DDC database (see the load ddcdb command in the backed up script). Now the new apply ddc file contains all the parameters and does not read the DDC database.
  12. Start the replication (all processes) as usually.

Configuring the process to use DDC file instead of DDC database does not mean that given process is not connecting to the database. It only means that the process does not read configuration parameters from the DDC database.

You can disable access to the database completely by adding parameter MINE_PASSWORD into the list of parameters commented out in step 9.

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