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Dbvisit Replicate Tips and Tricks



The following are examples of locations and log files needed during setup:

set MINE_PLOG /home/oracle/dbvrep/mine/%S.%E


File name and location of the PLOG files on the source server.

set APPLY_STAGING_DIR C:\app\oracle\dbvrep


Location of the PLOG files on the target server.

set LOG_FILE dbvrep_%P_%D.%E


Name of log files on both source and target server.

%S is sequence, %T thread, %F original filename (stripped extension), %P (process), %E default extension.


Handy Tips

Show real time replication in status bar. This is the default:

set STATUS_BAR status+list


Turn off list progress report in status bar:

set STATUS_BAR status


Turn off status bar. This will require a restart of the Dbvisit command console:

set STATUS_BAR off


Show progression during Dbvisit Replicate setup. This will show the internal Dbvisit Replicate tables being replicated:

list progress all


Run healthcheck of Dbvisit Replicate.



Check connectivity of MINE and APPLY. These commands will display the version id of the processes if functioning correctly.

engine mine send engine id
engine apply send engine id


Limit the number of tables shown in the status bar.



Show all the network interface settings:

show interface


Show all the notification settings:

show notify


Show all settings:

show all
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