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Step 2- Replication Pairs

Step 2 - Replication pairs
The second step is to set source and targets for each replication pair.
Let's configure the replication pair, selecting source and target.
Following databases are described:
1: SOURCEDB (Oracle)
2: RDSTGT (Oracle AWS RDS)
Select source database: [1]



Select target database: [2]



Will be DDL replication enabled? [yes]



Use fetcher to offload the mining to a different server? (yes/no) [no] yes



Would you like to encrypt the data across the network (yes or no) [no]



Would you like to compress the data across the network (yes or no) [no]



How long do you want to set the network timeouts. Recommended range between 60-300 seconds [60]



Lock and copy the data initially one-by-one or at a single SCN?
one-by-one : Lock tables one by one and capture SCN
single-scn : One SCN for all tables
ddl-only   : Only DDL script for target objects
resetlogs  : Use SCN from last resetlogs operation (standby activation, rman incomplete recovery)
no-lock    : Do not lock tables. Captures previous SCN of oldest active transaction. Requires pre-requisite running of pre-all.sh script
(one-by-one/single-scn/ddl-only/resetlogs/no-lock) [single-scn]



What data instantiation script to create?
dp_networklink : Data Pump with network link. No export datafile is created (APPLY.sh)
dp_exp         : Data Pump with export datafile. Creates an export datafile (APPLY.sh)
exp            : Pre-datapump exp/imp with export datafile (APPLY.sh)
ddl_file       : DDL file created (APPLY.sql)
ddl_run        : DDL is automatically executed on target
load           : All replicated data is created and loaded automatically
none                                                                                                                                           (dp_networklink/dp_exp/exp/ddl_file/ddl_run/load/none) [dp_networklink]



Following replication pairs are now configured:
1: SOURCEDB (Oracle) ==> RDSTGT (Oracle AWS RDS), DDL: yes, fetcher: YES, process suffix: (no suffix), compression: no, encryption: no,
network timeout: 60, prepare type: single-scn, data load: dp_networklink
Enter number of replication pair to modify it, or "add", or "done": [done]
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