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New Features in 2.9


Dbvisit Replicate 2.9 has many new features.  Among those are the following:

Dbvisit Replicate can now stream data in real time to two new relational database targets, PostgreSQL and Tibero.  See the links below for more details including step by step instructions.

Target Database: PostgreSQL

Target Database: Tibero

Other areas of improvement include:

  • Cosmetic improvements to the Setup Wizard
  • Enhanced error messages
  • Improved SNMP notifications
  • Improved documentation
  • Addition of the Temporal datatype support
  • Addition of the XML datatype support
  • Addition of the BINARY_FLOAT datatype support
  • Addition of the BINARY_DOUBLE datatype support
  • Addition of the ROWID datatype support
  • New Resolve conflict last command
  • Allow users to unset conflict handers
  • Allow users to set default conflict handlers
  • The Dbvisit repository can be stored outside of the database

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