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System Requirements

  • 100MB of space on the source and target servers for the Dbvisit Replicate software
  • 200MB of space for the Dbvisit Replicate database repository in the Oracle database.
  • ~1GB of memory on the source and target server. Between 2-3GB of memory on source for very high transactional systems.
  • sufficient space for text logs (and traces if enabled).
  • About 1GB of temp space
  • About 10GB of space for  parsed logs and Dbvisit Replicate log and trace files (1GB for test/dev systems)
  • Enough space for redo log retention

See Supported platforms to ensure the platform meets the requirements for Dbvisit Replicate.

Dbvisit Replicate software can be run with any OS user id except root. It does not have to be the same user id as the Oracle software. However, file system read access to the redo and archive logs is required and that is why the user has to be part of the oinstall or dba group. If ASM is used on mine, a bequeath connection must be made to the ASM instance and the user may also have to be a member of the sysasm group.


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