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Re-sync an out of sync table


If one table has gone out of sync in the replication, or this table has a lot of conflicts that has become unmanageable, then it is possible to re-initialize just one table. 

The general steps are:

  1. Unprepare the table to remove it from the replication
  2. Shutdown or pause the APPLY process. This to ensure that the current transactions on the table will not happen before the historical data is reloaded and cause further conflicts 
  3. Prepare the table and add it back in the replication. Dbvisit Replicate will issue an SCN number to the console. This SCN number will be used to create the starting point
  4. Truncate the table on target
  5. Use an external method to load the historical data using the SCN so that both source and target tables will be in sync as of the specified SCN. If Oracle datapump is used then the flashback_scn can be used. 

For the complete steps and an example, please see http://support.dbvisit.com/entries/24422248-Synching-up-one-table-when-it-gets-out-of-sync

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