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Oracle Client and Configuration Files


For ASM, Dbvisit Replicate uses bequeath connection and therefore has to use the ASM home as the client and sets the ORACLE_HOME accordingly (setup wizards asks for the ORACLE_HOME when ASM is in use).
For all other Oracle connections, Dbvisit Replicate uses SQL*Net connections. As it comes with it's own Oracle client, it has to be told where to look for sqlnet.ora/tnsnames.ora files. Setup wizard will ask for TNS_ADMIN.
In order of precedence:

  • The DDC setting TNS_ADMIN can be used to select the correct configuration files.
  • TNS_ADMIN can be also specified in the environment.
  • The DDC setting ORACLE_HOME also selects the correct configuration files; note that this is set if ASM is in use.
  • ORACLE_HOME can be also specified in the environment.
  • Current directory is searched last.


These are standard Oracle precedence rules, with the only addition that DDC file can override variable specified in the environment.



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