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Example: Oracle to MySQL


This example illustrates how data of EMP tables of Oracle can be loaded into MySQL to synchronize source and target environment before initiating replication process using Dbvisit Replicate.

  Source Target
Hostname dbvldemo101 dbvldemo102
OS Oracle Linux 6 Oracle Linux 6
Database testdb testdb
Schema avi N/A

The following are step-by-step instructions on loading data from Oracle to MySQL using Navicat Premium.  Navicat Premium is installed on Windows 2008 R2 machine (dbvisit410). 

Please check network connection and firewall setting before connecting to target and source database.

1. Open Navicat and select Oracle from Connection menu.


2.  Insert connection details and test the connection. If successful then click OK.


3. Now, From connection menu select MySQL. Insert connection details and test the connection. If successful then click OK.

On target MySQL server, use following command to grant appropriate privileges to user root so connection can be established from dbvisit410.

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO root@'dbvisit410' IDENTIFIED BY 'root-password'

4. Select 'Data Transfer' from Tools menu.


5. Set source connection,table(s) and target  database. 


6. Click on Start button and accept confirmation. 


7. It will show the data transfer progress. Click on Close once process is over.


8. Navicat creates tables and then loads data into target MySQL server. Following screenshot shows that EMP table is created by Navicat.


9. EMP table is loaded into MySQL and now you can start MINE and APPLY process to start replication. 

Linux version of Navicat premium can be used to load data from Oracle to MySQL.

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