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This file contains the output of Dbvisit trace file while it is packaging the Support Package. Dbvisit Development may use this if there is a problem with the support package.

Sample file:

Will pack info about process FETCHER of type FETCHER
Packaging into ZIP file: ./dbvisit_support_dbvrep_repstage_fetcher.9f_5.zip for process fetcher, addinfo []
Time: Wed Feb  1 19:16:58 2017
Version: 2.9.00_unreleased_4_219_g4bd1148_RQ_2791

Command line: support package fetcher
Call stack:
 at (eval 65) line 6591.
	Avisit::Dbreplicate::UI::cmd_support_package(Avisit::Dbreplicate::UI::TermCap=HASH(0x9702088), "process", "fetcher", "addparam", "") called at (eval 2509) line 152845
	Parse::RecDescent::namespace000001::support(Parse::RecDescent=HASH(0x7ebcd70), "support package fetcher", undef, undef, CODE(0x94f52b8), undef) called at (eval 2509) line 13372
	Parse::RecDescent::namespace000001::command(Parse::RecDescent=HASH(0x7ebcd70), "support package fetcher", undef, undef, CODE(0x8b51a60), undef) called at Parse/RecDescent.pm line 3231
	Parse::RecDescent::AUTOLOAD(Parse::RecDescent=HASH(0x7ebcd70), "support package fetcher") called at (eval 77) line 4035
	Avisit::Dbreplicate::CmdParser::parse(Avisit::Dbreplicate::CmdParser=HASH(0x1e50f80), "command", "support package fetcher") called at (eval 14) line 595
	Avisit::Dbreplicate::Dbvrep::Init() called at script/dbvrep.pl line 36
	require main called at /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.22.1/PAR.pm line 636
	PAR::_run_member(Archive::Zip::ZipFileMember=HASH(0x299e338), 1) called at script/main.pl line 26
	require main called at /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.22.1/PAR.pm line 636
	PAR::_run_member(Archive::Zip::ZipFileMember=HASH(0x29a0fe8)) called at /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.22.1/PAR.pm line 428
	PAR::import("PAR") called at -e line 631
	eval {...} called at -e line 41
	__par_pl::BEGIN() called at script/dbvrep.pl line 0
	eval {...} called at script/dbvrep.pl line 0

DDC file repstage-FETCHER.ddc added.
FETCHER/FETCHER log_file = /home/oracle/repstage/log/dbvrep_FETCHER_repstage.log
Packaging data from database. If this fails, restart SUPPORT PACKAGE with NODB option.
Adding command line history /home/oracle/.local/share/.dbvrep_history
addFile: /home/oracle/.local/share/.dbvrep_history

Product:         Dbvisit Replicate
Allowed versions:1.0-63.0
Key-version:     2
License type:    MAX
Customer id:     1.0 (trial license)
Beta:            yes
Production:      yes
License-type:    server
Name:            *
Expiry:          30 days
CPU count mine:  0
CPU count apply: 0
Table count limit:unlimited

OS/platform: linux/Linux64

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