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Comparing the data between source and target



When is the source and target are fully synchronized with Dbvisit Replicate?

If the tables are at 100% replication and all the conflicts did not cause data divergence then the data between source and target are in sync.

If the Dbvisit Replicate console list progress does not list all the tables then the following options are available to ensure all tables are at 100%

  • Make your console screen bigger and the console will automatically adjust to fit more on the screen
  • Run command: "list progress". This will give a static output of the full progress report
  • Run command "NOTIFY SEND DAILY_PROGRESS" and this will email the progress report in full

Manually comparing the data between source and target and optionally applying the differences

Please see http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B28359_01/appdev.111/b28419/d_comparison.htm for the use of DBMS_COMPARISON to compare both datasets and generate SQL for the differences.

Another option is to run the following SQL: 


select count(*)
( select * from tab1@source 
select * from tab1@target )
union all
( select * from tab1@target
select * from tab1@source )

Commercial products

There are commercial products available to compare data between 2 databases. One such tool is Redgate Data Compare for Oracle.  Dbvisit does not endorse any commercial products listed.  They are showing that there are some other products on the market.

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