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MINE or APPLY process stops without any reason


If the MINE or APPLY processes die for no apparent reason, then the following steps maybe able to assist in diagnosing the issue:

  1. Check the log file for either MINE or APPLY for appropriate messages
  2. Check the memory usage for the MINE or APPLY process. There maybe operating system limits in place and the operating system has killed the MINE or APPLY process to enforce this. Example a watchdog process
  3. Check APPLY (or MINE) cannot connect - connectivity issues
  4. Check General Check
  5. Check operating system event logs or messages
  6. Check temporary disk space
  7. Check disks space used for the replication folder
  8. Check Oracle alert log for any relevant messages
  9. Ensure the Oracle archiver is not stuck (ORA-00257: archiver error)
  10. Restart the MINE or APPLY process without the "–daemon" option so that all output is logged to the console. This can be done on Linux, Windows and Unix

If there is still no clear reason why the MINE or APPLY process has died, then please contact Contact Dbvisit Support

The following information would assist Dbvisit support in trouble shooting the information:

  • Support package for MINE or APPLY. See Contacting Support
  • Trace file. Restart the process and create an Operating System trace file.

    On Linux and Unix:

    kill -12 
    kill -17  (For Solaris Sparc)

    We use SIGUSR2 to capture ,write the dump and trace to a log file , for linux,AIX, HP-UX this is 12 , but for Solaris SPARC this is 17

    On Windows:

    dbvrep> DUMP MINE ALL
    dbvrep> DUMP APPLY ALL
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