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Dbvisit Replicate 2.9.02 released


We are pleased to announce the release of our latest version Dbvisit Replicate 2.9.02.  This is a scheduled maintenance release. The items listed below have been either fixed and/or added:

2.9.02 (29 September 2017)

1. RQ-97: Improve detection of invalid PLOG files delivered to target
2. RQ-710: Improve questions asked by setup wizard for MS SQL target
3. RQ-973: Improve questions asked by setup wizard about notifications
4. RQ-1702: Improve INCLUDE COLUMN command documentation and error messages
5. RQ-1753: Remove extra printed characters when preparing a table which is already prepared
6. RQ-2101: Support Transparent Data Encryption
7. RQ-2373: Fix file permissions for APPLY.sql
8. RQ-2564: Add missing console feedback for some commands
9. RQ-2720: Use non-intrusive profiler on apply
10. RQ-2770: Fix: multiple LOB updates in the same LOB block could have been incorrectly joined together
11. RQ-2982: Windows: case-insensivity of the filesystem might have caused files created by setup wizard to be overwritten by each other
12. RQ-3231: Support Oracle 12.2 as a source (#10955)
13. RQ-3273: Try _enable_row_shipping just once (#10730)
14. RQ-3310: Minor fixes for XML handling (#10809)
15. RQ-3320: Improve DDL command documentation and error messages
16. RQ-3325: When PREPARE actually adds supplemental logging, it cannot use a single-scn, as such SCN would cause flashback query to fail (#10691)
17. RQ-3332: Change default number of retries for a conflict to 3
18. RQ-3360: Enable ALL suplog in the setup wizard when using Kafka Connect
19. RQ-3402: Fix IOT incorrect parsing due to incomplete index operations
20. RQ-3407: Fix crash with direct I/O
21. RQ-3441: Fix IOT insert-after-delete of the same key handling
22. RQ-3476: Handle dropping of metadata-only default column value (#11228)
23. RQ-3500: Fix UNPREPARE and LIST PROGRESS for cases without apply, e.g. Kafka Connect
24. RQ-3555: Fix: Change with all columns excluded could cause mine to crash (#11346)
25. RQ-3558: Fix possible missed row changes due to LOBs and optimized handling of changed rows only
26. RQ-3560: Improve fetcher to mine communication, timeouts and gap resolution (#11346)
27. RQ-3563: Improve speed of apply when many transactions are active concurrently (#11375)
28. RQ-3573: Don't replicate internal tables when using Kafka Connect
29. RQ-3579: Don't update primary key of internal tables when not needed at all, some target databases don't allow primary key updates
30. RQ-3595: Fix possible missing columns after alter table drop column (#11462)
31. RQ-3601: Fix incorrect endian of version number in plog file (#11440)
32. RQ-3602: Update names of distributed rpm archives

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