Switchover issues in Version 7.0 standby with database in ASM


Read our docs This article explains how to workaround a Graceful Switchover issue with standby version7.0 and database version with ASM

Problem Details

Problem Statement

Graceful switchover might fail since the file created in ASM via CP command might give different aliases , which might affect the switchover. 

Applicable Error Code


Affected Versions

Standby Version 7.0 and Database Version

Affected Platforms

Check Oracle Support Note for Patch 8465740


 In Version 7.0 with database version , there might be issues during the graceful switchover process , since the ASM file created via CP command might add aliases to the files , there by failing to be identified by the Standby Switchover process.


There are two possible solution for this issue. 

 1. Apply the patch 8465740 , which is recommended so that the graceful switchover can be done without any issues.

2. Set the parameter _FORCE_ASM_READ_WRITE = Yes in the DDC file(this is a workaround so test this in a local environment).

Please note this only affects the Graceful switchover process since the process copies file to the ASM , It does not affect any of the other processes like standby creation or synchronisation process. It does not affect the standby activation as well.


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