Standby Datafile Corrupted During Create Standby Database(CSD) Process


Read our docs This Article explains how to resolve datafile corruption in standby datafiles ,when create standby database process(CSD) completes. 

Problem Details

Problem Statement

CSD completes successfully and Archive apply fails with datafile corruption or CSD fails with standby datafile corruption.

Applicable Error Code

Datafile corruption errors.

Affected Versions

Noticed in Version 7.0 and 8.0

Affected Platforms

Platform Independent.


 When running the CSD process, there are two options provided , either you can use a direct file copy , which puts the tablespace in backup mode and copies the files or use RMAN to create the backup in a local Filesystem and then transfer it to the standby server.

Answer Yes to transfer the datafiles directly to the standby server (not
recommended for large database or slow networks)
Note tablespaces will be placed in backup mode for direct copy.
Answer No (recommended) to create an RMAN backup of primary datafiles in a
temporary location and transfer the backup to the standby server

=>Do you want to copy database files directly to the standby server? [N]:

There is a possibility of standby datafile getting corrupted when Y is provided.

 The Recommended approach is to us a three step process where the primary database is backed up using RMAN to local storage (using compressed backups), followed by the backups being transferred to the standby server, from where the backup is used to create the standby database.  To use this approach, specify "No" (the default option) when asked if you want to transfer the data files directly to the standby server. Below is the screen shot of the same.


Specifying No means the network will be used to transfer the database backup.
[N]: N
Your input: N

Is this correct? <Yes/No> [Yes]: Yes

The valid approach when you get this error is to clean up the standby database files, and re-run the CSD process by providing N for direct file copy.

This article is valid only for corruption errors in the standby datafile due to the CSD process run with Y option. 

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