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Could not connect to APPLY process



Read our docs At the first replication startup, the APPLY process does not apply any changes. The APPLY process was started and running. However, in the console you can see that the connection does not work.The problem is either in the wrong replication setting or environment.This article aims to help you find the problem.

Problem Details


Applicable Error Code

MINE IS running. Currently at plog 138380 and SCN 2132646134 (05/31/2016 06:21:56).
Could not connect to APPLY process.
Progress of replication fpx:MINE->APPLY: total/this execution.In the APPLY log is mentioned: "WARN-3011: No PLOG propagated to apply that match current apply SCNs."

dbvrep> healthcheck

ERROR: Cannot connect to APPLY, it is down or unreachable. ()

Connectivity test for APPLY: FAILED

ERROR: MINE cannot connect to APPLY, it is down or unreachable. ()
Connectivity test for MINE: FAILED
2 processes checked.

Affected Platforms

multi-platform issue

Steps Performed
  1. In a dbvisit's console get replication's settings by `dbvrep> show interface`. From the output you can see where the APPLY process should be running
  2. Check if the APPLY process is opened on the target server by `ps -ef|grep dbv` for Unix based environments or check process tab in Task manager in Windows.
  3. Check if the port is opened in the target database by `nestat -ano|grep 7902` on Unix based environments and by the command `C:\Program Files (x86)\Dbvisit\Standby>netstat -ano|findstr 7890`for Windows.
  4. Check if you have the correct entries in your `/etc/hosts` by pinging entries from show interface output on both servers.
  5. use telnet to check if you are able to reach the port 7902 from the source server. if you aren't able to reach it, check if the firewall is enabled in the target or modify its rules.
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