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Dbvisit Replicate and Reporting version 2.4.28 released (17 May 2013)


2.4.28 (17 May 2013)

  1. Fix: removal of obsolete redologs could delete actual archivelogs or online logs, even those not sent by fetcher

2.4.26 (17 May 2013)

  1. Fix LIST STATS for mysql target
  2. OFF for notification time would evaluate as midnight
  3. No support package for simple db connectivity errors
  4. Small fixes in the test emials sent by NOTIFY SENDQ
  5. Changed logo in notification emails
  6. Fix: obsolete redologs were not deleted by mine (fetcher in use)
  7. Fix: improve mine speed in case of large history of DDL changes
  8. Support TRUNCATE for mysql and MS SQL
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