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Dbvisit Replicate 2.4.30 released (31 May 2013)


Changes are:

  1. Fix memory leak on mine (non-replicated table data)
  2. Fix: HELP record for the DUMP command
  3. Handle limit of 33 columns in supplemental log group (9i), do not try to enable the supplemental logging if already done (prevents DDL lock)
  4. Honor kill -12 even while in C OCI call
  5. MSSQL renamed to SQL Server
  6. Show a more friendly database description in setup wizard (mysql/SQL Server)
  7. DISPLAY_TABLE_NAME_IN_LIST_PROGRESS to govern what table name to show when rename is used

Dbvisit Replicate 2.4.30 can be downloaded from http://www.dbvisit.com/products/downloads/#replicate

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