Dbvisit Standby version 6.0.50 released (20 July 2013)


6.0.50 - (20 July 2013)


  1. Fixed file and directory browser in GUI (Dbvserver) (Setup => New)
  2. Extended logging and wait interval when Windows Oracle Database service cannot be obtained
  3. Update licence agreement text and Windows Installer Signed Certificate
  4. Improve add datafile function when datafiles are added to the SYSTEM tablespace
  5. Delay lag will be ingored when running the Synchronize Standby database option. Added aditional warning message to be displayed in command line interface if this option is executed with the delay lag set
  6. Added an additional check to review if the standby is behind current time prior to running a recovery session if delay lag is specified.
  7. Improve compression mechanism when "dbvisit" and "gzip" compression is used for archive log management and transfer between primary and standby databases. These new improvements will also avoid potential issues when compression is used with multiple standby databases as well as ensuring archive log compression does not impact potential RMAN backups running at the same time. As of version 6.0.50 it is recommended to set the following value in the Dbvisit Database Configuration (DDC) file: "KEEP_ORIG_FILE_BEFORE_COMPRESS=Y". For new installations the default value for this parameter will be "Y". This new change will also provide a minor performance improvement.
  8. Add aditional step to truncate the dbv_register table on a new standby on completion of a Graceful Switchover (GS) otherwise the Archive log Management Module (AMM) might produce wrong results
  9. Improve functionality to maintain Oracle Windows Service and detect a non-existing service
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