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Dbvisit Replicate 2.4.32 released (1 Aug 2013)


Many improvements and fixes. The changes are:

  1. AIX fixes
  2. Fixed warning message in log for plog sequence on redo restart
  3. Fix: Finding PLOG when instantiate_scn < first plog's SCN
  4. Fix: reread on redo checksum error
  5. Fix: handle unformatted redo blocks
  6. Fix: 9i suplog fixes
  7. EULA update
  9. Fix: after obsoleting some LCRs/LOBs, we'd end up in infinite loop on next log switch
  10. Added version information to the support package
  11. Change the never-used defaults for network interfaces
  12. Apply memory usage improvements
  13. Fix: direct insert (19.1) cross-endian fixes
  14. Improve profiling for remote commands sent to apply
  15. Fix: auto-retry get_log_status (FATAL-1154)
  16. Mine: ignore multi block undo
  17. Fixed crash in setup wizard when unable to connect to database
  18. Minor changes to man page and help command
  19. Improved error reporting for failed SMTP connections
  20. Auto-retry for failed SQL statements
  21. AIX stack trace to tracefile
  22. Fix: Process_logger_queue does not log all the feedback
  23. Fix: wait SCN flip for 9i
  24. Fix: crash after unprepare of a table while in conflict
  25. Add old NULL values to update/delete statements (prevent conflict on tables without PK)
  26. Fix rollback limit if last matched was id = 0
  27. Fix apply crash: missing savepoint after conflict resolved as ok/rolled back on source
  28. REPREPARE command
  29. Mine can print open transaction detail to log on log switch
  30. Fix: old NULL values as pre-values even when not actually present
  31. Do not store sys/system passwords if requested by the user in the setup wizard
  32. Purge very old data in dbrsmine_rlog_plog_map, dbrsmine_plog_history, and dbrsapply_plog_history
  33. Fixed row assembly for direct insert
  34. Apply prints messages for rollback into the log
  35. Fix direct insert itl count (mine SIGSEGV crash)
  36. Let lookahead start at conflict LCR, not the last LCR loaded (fixes issue with mutliple rollbacks in same transaction)
  37. Fix: ENGINE LOCK does not lock tables because of end-of-line character in the SCHEMA name in the command file
  38. Fix: Locking the table with unsupported table name was not handled correctly
  39. Trimming spaces off the ddc name in the Setup Wizard
  40. chmod start_console.sh in during the setup wizard
  41. Fix: remove mine_stage redolog after retransfer that changes the filename
  42. Fix possible crash after apply plog transfer restart
  43. Replicate TRUNCATE even if DDL is not selected
  44. Less agressive memory cleanup under memory pressure
  45. Fix: feedback buffer not printed when try_connect fails
  46. Fix: possible crash with large trace messages in apply threads
  47. Fix: use LCR plog id, not current plog id when creating savepoints - fixes conflicts due to incorrect rollbacks
  48. Lookahead: span redologs
  49. Lookahead: fix case when it would ignore rollback just next to the conflict LCR
  50. Do not add IS NULL to where condition if the colmuns is LOB or LONG
  51. Mark skipped LCRs, so they won't be tried again during rollforward
  52. Fix warning (process not chosen) in one-to-many configurations
  53. Add RBA to watchdog messages
  54. Make apply session lock detection RAC-aware
  56. License bar added.
  57. Make APPLY ROLLBACK TRANSACTION work to transaction that has yet to come.
  58. Minor fixes for the command HEALTHCHECK FOR
  59. Revamp rollback in mine to make it simpler and more reliable
  60. DDL CREATE: properly set INTERVAL precisions
  61. Fix crash when we try to recconect to database after ORA error
  62. Do not abend if upcoming archive log is missing; instead send email and wait for the file to be restored
  63. Fix detection of mine init complete - check exactly this run of all.sh
  64. Completely ignore SIGPIPE (remove the console message)
  65. Variable _APPLY_MYSQL_WAIT_TIMEOUT added, session variable wait_timeout is set accordingly when connecting to target MySQL
  66. Do not include ROLLED BACK ON SOURCE in conflicts (change default behaviour)
  67. Server names added to the Nextsteps.txt
  68. Don't print WARN-4504 if the issue is Broken pipe

Dbvisit Replicate 2.4.30 can be downloaded from http://www.dbvisit.com/products/downloads/#replicate

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