Dbvisit Standby 7.0.70 (8 May 2018) released


NOTE: Supported Operating Systems:

  • Linux [OEL (4,5,6,7), RHEL (4,5,6,7) and SLES (10,11)]
  • Windows
  • Solaris x86 for Intel and AMD (Solaris 10 and 11) - Only available from Dbvisit Standby update 7.0.24
  • Solaris SPARC (Solaris 10 and 11) - Available from 7.0.28
  • IBM AIX PowerPC - Available from 7.0.36

Recommendation when upgrading: Stop Dbvisit Schedules and running processes and then manually remove all the files in DBVISIT_BASE/standby/tmp prior to upgrading. Example: Remove files from C:\Program Files (x86)\Dbvisit\standby\tmp


7.0.70 (8 May 2018)

  1. DS-1104: Update log output to include correct test "DBV_PRE_POST_PROC" and not "DBV_POST_PROC"
  2. DS-1113: Update Graphs in Dbvserver to show data for 2018
  3. DS-1329: Improve timestamp used when selecting latest compressed or uncompressed log to apply

Note: To stay up to date with the latest features and fixes, please update to the
latest Dbvisit Standby version 8. For more detail please see:


7.0.68 (20 March 2017)
Fixes & Improvements:

  1. DS-306: Improved support for TLS for sending email notifications
  2. DS-773: Obtain sequence required for recovery on standby for a closed thread
  3. DS-769: Implement change to resolve SSL/TLS email not working on Windows based systems 


7.0.66 (16 January 2017)
Fixes & Improvements:

  1. DS-722: Update Graphs in Dbvserver to show data for 2017


7.0.64 (23 November 2016)
Fixes & Improvements:

  1. DS-663: Implement fix to resolve - Creating Standby Database (CSD) using the GUI (Dbvserver) will stop with an error if primary and standby servers are using a different Dbvisit Software installation directory structure - example primary is using /usr/dbvisit and standby was using /opt/dbvisit
  2. DS-635: Add new option to allow the Dbvisit Standby Archivelog Management Module (AMM) to run if dbvisit is executed from both primary RAC nodes with the RAC_TAKEOVER_FORCE option is set. Note: It is not recommended to run Dbvisit Standby on all primary RAC nodes with the RAC_TAKEOVER_FORCE set but rather to schedule Dbvisit Standby to run on one of the nodes with RAC_TAKEOVER_FORCE set


7.0.62 (5 August 2016)
Fixes & Improvements:

  1. DS-499: Internal change due to v$log not having NEXT_CHANGE# column in 11.1.0.x
  2. DS-504: Fix internal repository updates when compression is used. Records were doubled in the DBV_TRANSFER_LOG table which will lead to incorrect number of transferred archive logs being reported in "Transfer Process Reporting" page in the web based user interface
  3. DS-521: Implement new function to assist in tracking operations and trace files that was involved for a specific thread and sequence combination - the function is part of dbv_functions: "dbv_functions a DDC investigate seq[,thread]"
  4. DS-526: Improve error messages when "foreign" files such as compressed archive logs are detected in the FRA (Fast Recovery Area) - remove the reference to setting _SQL_ALTER_SESSION_1 parameter


7.0.60 (19 June 2016)
Fixes & Improvements:

  1. DS-499: Internal fix affecting Dbvisit Standby in Oracle 9i and 10g environments


7.0.58 (15 June 2016)
Fixes & Improvements:

  1. DS-499: Internal change to improve Graceful Switchover (GS) and handling of v$log_history having records for one thread when multiple threads are in use or even if v$log_history is empty
  2. DS-505: Improve setup process when asking for repository user password
  3. DS-506: Adjust default value for MAX_TIMES_TRIED from 4 to 3
  4. DS-507: Implement change to resolve _SEND_MAIL_FLAG being incorrectly set to be set during Create Standby Database (CSD) or Syncrhonize Standby Database (SYNC)
  5. DS-508: Add additional check when detecting "NIOP: read_response: failed" to retry the operation
  6. DS-509: Internal update on query to use v$asm_diskroup_stat

7.0.56 (19 May 2016)
Fixes & Improvements:

  1. DS-496: Fix issue where Log Gap Report returns wrong recovery SCN for the standby database when standby database is open read-only
  2. DS-492: Fix issue where incorrect number of archive logs are removed by the Archivelog Managment Module (AMM) when the FRA_THRESHOLD_ARCHSOURCE value is met


7.0.54 (8 April 2016)
Fixes & Improvements:

  1. DS-469: Improve messages to standby history log file as well as handling of partial uncompressed archive logs on the standby server when using compression. When a corrupted archive log is uncompressed, Dbvisit Standby will generate and error (unexpected end of file - return code 2022) and leave behind both compressed and uncompressed files. On the Next run Dbvisit Standby will always pick the uncompressed archive log - if it exists. As this file is not complete an error will be thrown during recovery. In this update we detect the error 2022 the uncompress of a corrupt log and will delete uncompressed file. This way if the log is resend to the standby, Dbvisit will pick the new compressed file to apply. Set _IGNORE_2022=Y to activate this change in the DDC file. When setting this value it is also recommended to set COMPARE_CHECKSUM=Y in the DDC file. If both compressed and uncompressed logs are present on the standby server, Dbvisit Standby will still favour the uncompressed archived log
  2. DS-475: Minor internal change on operating system user check when running the installer on Unix based systems


7.0.52 (2 February 2016)
Fixes & Improvements:

  1. DS-442: Add new "timeout" variable to dbvnet.conf file to assist in detecting network timeouts which can cause dbvnet to get stuck on specific processes. This issue is to resolve specific issue noted on Windows 2008 and above where an unreliable network is used. The default value is 5 in Windows based configurations and "null" (disabled) on Unix based systems. To enable set timeout=x in the dbvnet.conf file where "x" is an integer value in seconds.Recommended starting value if using Windows 2008 and above is five: timeout=5
  2. DS-443: Add addional logging to trace files to assist in troubleshooting ORA-01152 and ORA-01547 error messages
  3. Set default dbvnet and dbvserver debug level to 0 (disabled) to reduce logging. To enable debug mode set debug=1 in dbvnet.conf or dbvserver.conf files
  4. DS-448: Update usage information to indicate "nosynch" option instead of "nosync" when using the Graceful Switchover (GS) option


7.0.50 (13 January 2016)
Fixes & Improvements:

  1. DS-436: Fix issue on reporting page where graphs cannot show information for 2016
  2. DS-437: Fix issue with tracefiles created from GUI not removed from the DBVISIT_BASE/standby/trace directory. These will be files with "dbvserverd" in the name located in the trace sub directory


7.0.48 (24 November 2015)
Fixes & Improvements:

  1. DS-387: Fix dbvnet encryptpw command line function - no return value was provided on Windows systems
  2. DS-388: Implement change to improve the handling of database NLS_* parameter values which could cause the following errors ORA-01078 or LRM-00123 during the Create Standby Database (CSD) process where the standby database instance is started using the newly created parameter file
  3. DS-403: Implement a change to better handle archive logs still in the process of being transferred by Dbvnet (files with the .part extension)


7.0.46 (9 October 2015)
Fixes & Improvements:

  1. DS-378: Implement change to remove the possibility of selecting the wrong archive log on the standby server during the recovery process. Escape underscores in search patterns for internal functions find_file_glob and find_file_glob_r
  2. DS-381: Update internal function used during initial creation of DDC file for capturing the repository user details - could hang in certain conditions when AIX is used
  3. DS-382: Increase default value for SWITCHOVER_TIMEOUT_IN_SEC to 3600 seconds
  4. DS-383: Improve SQL used to recreate temp files (when maxbytes UNLIMITED is used) during Graceful Switchover (GS)


7.0.44 (26 August 2015)
Fixes & Improvements:

  1. DS-369: During Graceful Switchover (GS) archive logs are extracted from ASM to filesystem and if NFS used, there could be sub second delay in extracted file showing in filesystem - improved internal function for handling this
  2. DS-372: Fix Archive log Management Module (AMM) fails to delete trace files in certain conditions following deletion of archive logs (if threshold was reached)

7.0.42 (11 August 2015)
Fixes & Improvements:

  1. DS-333: Change threshold reached message in Archive Log Management Module (AMM)
  2. DS-329: Introduce a new variable CLEAR_ARCHDEST_POST_GS to remove files from the Dbvisit Standby ARCHDEST on completion of Graceful Switchover (GS). It is disabled by default and can be enabled with a value of Y or YES in the DDC file
  3. DS-327: Reset db_file_name_convert and log_file_name_convert parameters in new standby database following completion of Graceful Switchover (GS)
  4. DS-336 Do not validate db_create_online_log_dest_n during the Create Standby Database (CSD) process when using a template
  5. DS-345: Update internal query to select the database parameters (spfile parameters) for the new standby during the Create Standby Database (CSD) process
  6. DS-349: Internal improvement of the Dbvisit Standby repository maintenance function repo_maintain(). Function can be called with ./dbv_functions -a <DDC> repo_maintain <n> where <n> is days to keep records for, example "./dbv_functions -a prod repo_maintain 7"
  7. DS-350: Keep zero or null non-default values when customizing standby database parameters (spfile) during Create Standby Database (CSD)
  8. DS-351: Skip UNDO_TABLESPACE check during Graceful Switchover (GS) if it is not set in the old standby database spfile


7.0.40 (22 June 2015)
Fixes & Improvements:

  1. DS-295: Allow for the option to perform minimal customization of the archive log format on the standby database. This is the format Dbvisit Standby will be using on the standby server inside the ARCHDEST location. Default format is "<thread>_<sequence>_<resetlogs_id>.arc" which is %t_%s_%r.arc. If required the new parameter STANDBY_ARCHIVELOG_NAME can be set in the DDC. Example if you want to set the format so that the database name PROD is in the archive log format name, you can set the following in the DDC file where you append the database name as part of the format: STANDBY_ARCHIVELOG_NAME=PROD_%t_%s_%r.arc For Oracle 10g and above %t, %s and %r must be set, and if Oracle 9i is used %t and %s must be set
  2. DS-275: Internal - Fix problem where database state 52 was not reported correct
  3. DS-257: Add additional check to review if any datafiles are in an offline or recover state before starting the Graceful Switchover (GS) process. Ensure pre GS checks are performed for the UNDO tablespace on NON-RAC database environments only
  4. DS-300: Improve the shutdown of the primary database during Graceful Switchover (GS) when using Oracle RAC environments and the srvctl command
  5. DS-301: Fix issue with the Dbvserver schedular where remote schedules could not be set
  6. DS-303: Improve usage of db_file_name_convert and log_file_name_convert
  7. DS-304: Improve logging and error handling when starting a standby database during CSD
  8. DS-146: Improve recording of archives in RMAN catalog when running the recovery process on the standby database using RMAN


7.0.38 (16 April 2015)
Fixes & Improvements:

  1. DS-203: Shutdown standby database when removing tempfiles from ASM or Windows based systems
  2. DS-262: Remove unused global CSD_PREFLIGHT_CHECK
  3. DS-251: Remove a trailing slash from a location for standby datafiles when running Create Standby Database (CSD) via web frontend (GUI)
  4. DS-253: Pad tempfile counter with a leading zero in tempfile names when renaming standby tempfiles after recreating a standby control file 
  5. DS-254: Add new function repo_maintain to maintain the Dbvisit Standby repository tables (dbv_transfer_log and dbv_sequence_log). This allows for the purging of data from these tables based on days. Command that can be used is ./dbv_functions -a <DDC> repo_maintain <days_to_keep>. Example - to purge data older than 15 days be removed with: ./dbv_functions -a PROD repo_maintain 15 
  6. DS-261: Add test_nfs() function and _SLEEP_IN_SEC global to address issues with NFS
  7. DS-257: Extend Graceful Switchover (GS) pre-checks on standby to check for existance of DUMP and AUDIT locations as well as DIAGNOSTIC location
  8. DS-257: Extend Graceful Switchover (GS) prechecks on primary to check if UNDO_TABLESPACE in standby and primary spfiles match
  9. DS-256: Introduce xcopy commands on windows to copy archive logs to a remote share. This option is for archive log transfer only
  10. DS-259: Fix issue related to Oracle version 9 - archive logs generated during Graceful Switchover (GS) do not get cataloged in RMAN catalog
  11. DS-86: Check standby database incarnation prior to applying logs
  12. DS-109: Check if FORCE LOGGING enabled on the primary each time Dbvisit runs to transfer logs
  13. DS-135: Log to trace size and creation timestamp of archive logs when applying them to standby, for support purposes (UNIX only)
  14. DS-258: Add new dbv_functions to obtain information about the latest transferred from the repository
  15. DS-264: Implement security fix in web based frontend - Dbvserver


7.0.36 (03 March 2015)
Fixes & Improvements:

  1. Implement fix relating to the Archive Log Management (AMM) module and the purging of archive logs based on time (UTC/EPOCH) - (DS-223)
  2. Implement check to not remove temp files on standby database during Graceful Switchover (GS) when name include "%" characters (DS-225)
  3. Improve reverse Create Standby Database (CSD) templates (DS-226)
  4. CSD left a reference to a primary ASM ALIAS tempfile unchanged in the standby cotrol file when creating a filesystem standby - fixed (DS-233)
  5. GS failed on RAC when log_archive_dest set to a shared filesystem location, instead of ASM - fixed (DS-234)
  6. Implement change to create Redo logs as Non Oracle Managed Files (OMF) on the standby database if db_recovery_file_dest is set in the standby database parameter file, but db_create_file_dest and db_create_online_log_dest_n parameters are not set - (DS-235)


7.0.34 (29 January 2015)
Fixes & Improvements:

  1. Improve Dbvnet Performance. Implement change regarding the Dbvnet data packet size (DS-215)
  2. Improve drop/removal process of tempfiles on the standby database when recreating the standby controlfile. Remove parameter DROP_STANDBY_TEMPFILES as this is no longer used (DS-203)
  3. Add additional information to the history log file with regards to archive and transfer log gap alerts (DS-202)
  4. Improve the removal of standby redo logs during the recreation process of the standby database controlfile
  5. Fix issue with batch mode repository creation using dbvisit_setup --ddr Error reported "Cannot find Dbvisit Database configuration (DDC) file" (DS-205)
  6. Display Create Standby Database (CSD) template errors when running in batch mode (when template is invalid) - (DS-220)


7.0.32 (22 December 2014)
New Features & Enhancements:

  1. Add three additional columns to internal DBV_SEQUENCE_LOG table storing primary and standby SCN numbers with archive log gap time difference. These columns are populated when RUN_INSPECT=Y is set which runs a silent log gap report, or whenever a log gap report is run
  2. Improve queries used to lookup files when ASM storage is used (RQ-183)

Important: The Dbvisit Repository must be upgraded. This can be done using "dbvisit_setup"->menu option 5 if using the CLI, or if using the Web Based interface use Setup->Option 2 (Update Dbvisit) and then selecting Option 2 (Manage Dbvisit Repository)


  1. Fix issue were non oracle managed file (OMF) tempfiles cause errors on standby database (ORA-01110, ORA-01187). Standby database tempfiles are removed following Graceful Switchover (GS) - when non-OMF tempfiles are used. The tempfile reference will still be in controlfile and the tempfile will be created when the database is either opened Read/Only or if the database is Activated (DS-193)
  2. Implement internal fix with regards to redo log file management on the standby database (Redo log files on the standby database are removed post Graceful Switchover)
  3. Internal improvement with regards Graceful Switchover - when reading and validating a DDC file, ignore RAC_TAKEOVER_SID value if RAC_TAKEOVER set to N


7.0.30 (12 December 2014)

  1. Implement fix to resolve possible failure of Graceful Switchover. This is related to incorrect handing of temp files on the standby database
  2. Adjust the default values for SEND_MAIL_FLAG and SEND_MAIL_FLAG_DR to N (No). This will ensure email is disable by default. To enable email notifications these parameter values should be updated to "Y" (Yes). For more detail on email configuration please see the online user guide for detail listing of parameters
  3. Add DROP_STANDBY_TEMPFILES=N parameter to the DDC file template. This parameter should be set to Y if the database version is less than This is to cater for a known Oracle bug 10292173 which can cause Graceful Switchover to fail
  4. Improve the creation of the SPFILE during the Create Standby Database (CSD) process if Oracle ASM is used. This is to ensure the spfile is located under the "<ASM diskgroup>/DB_UNIQUE_NAME" and not under "<ASM Diskgroup/UNKNOWN_DB". (This change only relates to database versions 11g and above where ASM is used)
  5. Ensure Dbvisit detects unsuccessful file transfer using dbvnet and terminates processing
  6. Add additional check to remove white spaces from arguments when a remote dbvnet command is executed to delete a file from the standby server
  7. Fix issue where TEMP files could be renamed incorrectly during the recreation of the standby controlfile


7.0.28 (2 December 2014)
New Features & Enhancements:

  1. Add support for RAW devices to be used as Database datafile storage. This option is available on Linux based systems only and does support Create Standby Database (CSD) and Graceful Switchover (GS). It is important to note that the RAW devices on the standby MUST match the raw devices used on the primary: Example if the system datafile is on /dev/raw/raw1 the standby server will also be using /dev/raw/raw1 for the system datafile. The creation of the RAW devices must be done manually by the System/Database administrator as this will require root permission and it out of scope for Dbvisit Standby to automate this. The same Oracle Database software version, edition and software owner must also be used on both primary and standby database servers.


  1. Improve temp file handling during Graceful Switchover


7.0.26 (10 November 2014)

  1. Fix issue where the temporary tablespace tempfile is not added to the primary database following graceful switchover
  2. Call post-processing and AMM module only after all threads have been processed


7.0.24 (3 November 2014)
New Features & Enhancements:

  1. Create Oracle Managed Files (OMF) redo logs in the new primary database on completion of Graceful Switchover, if creation of OMF redo is enabled. This functionality is controlled by the introduction of a new configuration variable GS_FORCE_OMF_REDO with default value "N" (NO) set this parameter to "Y" (Yes) in the DDC file to enable this functionality


  1. Improve handling of temp files during Graceful Switchover when tempfile autoextend is on with unlimited specified as maximum size
  2. On Standby server, if two archive logs are found in the Dbvisit Standby ARCHDEST - one being compressed the other uncompressed, the uncompressed log will first be used for recovery
  3. Add additional checks to confirm if an ASM instance is runnning
  4. Allow log gap report (dbvisit -i) to be executed while a dbvisit command is already running - sending or applying logs


7.0.22 (9 September 2014)

  1. Fix a Create Standby Database (CSD) issue with creating a filesystem based standby database datafile when a primary datafile is an ASM alias
  2. Implement improvement in recovery process to cater for additional language support


7.0.20 (22 August 2014)

  1. Fix Dbvserver (GUI) reporting tabs where graphs are not populated on all RAC nodes
  2. Fix Dbvserver (GUI) daily redo generation graph calculation


7.0.18 (9 July 2014)

  1. Implement addtional change to cater for different languages such as french where special characters in the word "sequence" are converted to incorrect characters
  2. Fix issue where error messages in certain conditions with newlines can be wrongly interpreted as commands by dbvnet instead of output messages
  3. Minor change implemented to remove additional logging not needed


7.0.16 (20 June 2014)

  1. Add change to cater for specific French language output during standby recovery
  2. Add option to compare at least file size in certain scenarios when COMPARE_CHECKSUM is set to N
  3. Implement fix for when "dbvisit -r " is used without thread number being specified
  4. Add additional logging to Dbvnet regarding .part files not being renamed in certain conditions
  5. Implement a fix in Dbvnet to resolve issue where the following error is reported "File size for file X is not an integer"
  6. Default Dbvnet encryption set to 128bit for new installations. Possible options in DDC file can be DBVNET_ENCRYPT=Y|N|128|256 where Y is the same as 128
  7. On Windows installations temp files in $DBVISIT_BASE/standby/tmp are not cleaned up resulting in a large amount of temp files being left behind that can cause delays during operations such as Graceful Switchover (GS) - this has been fixed in this update and Windows based installations should update to this release


7.0.14 (6 May 2014) 

New Features & Enhancements:

  1. Implement an improvement in Dbvnet handling of certain network errors including adding additional information to trace file


  1. Fix issue where SEND_HEARTBEAT function was disabled
  2. Fix minor internal issue in Dbvnet on possible exit on startup
  3. Update README installation instructions where wrong directory was referenced
  4. Fix issue with Dbvisit Standby repository upgrade (step 6.2) where repository upgrade my fail with ORA-01418
  5. Improve the way latest sequence information is extracted from v$archived_log


7.0.12 (23 April 2014) 

  1. Fix issue with creation of DDC file using the GUI (Dbvserver) where ARCH_BUSY and ARCH_NOT_THERE with wrong values.  These parameters are not required to be set in the DDC file as the default values assigned to them is sufficient for most environments
  2. Fix issue with reporting graphs where they are not always displaying in the GUI (Dbvserver) under the Reporting page 
  3. Implement various security fixes       


7.0.10 (1 April 2014)
New Features & Enhancements:

  1. Various internal improvements (improved performance)
  2. Dbvisit Standby now support SSL/TLS Email (SMTP) server connectivity MAILCFG_PROTOCOL parameter is set in the Dbvisit Standby Configuration (DDC) file with possible values null,SSL,TLS. Example, if gmail is used, specify MAILCFG_PROTOCOL=SSL also update the following required variables: MAILCFG_SMTP_SERVER, MAILCFG_PORT, MAILCFG_AUTH_USER and MAILCFG_AUTH_PASSWD. For more details see the online documentation
  3. Improved handling of commas - "," when "events" or "nls_numeric_characters" are specified in the spfile. New advanced variable _INIT_ORA_ESCAPE_COMMA lists parameters that require special handling
  4. Improved handling of additional attributes in log_archive_destination_N parameters values
  5. Improved handling of adding datafiles to standby database when ASM is used by creating OMF datafiles only
  6. Improved Create Standby Database (CSD) process and the use of db_file_name_convert when both Primary and Standby is making use of ASM, but standby is using different disk groups
  7. Update default value of DAYS_TO_KEEP_TRACE to 4 days
  8. Update default value of COMPARE_CHECKSUM to No


  1. Email error messages did not display values for MAILCFG_SMTP_SERVER and MAILCFG_SMTP_PORT
  2. Fix minor issue with Dbvserver Scheduler
  3. Fix minor issue with dbvnet-test tool when using Windows based environments. When running the full (-f) test, the user can specify the temp location to use
  4. Fix issue that can occur in Graceful Switchover (GS) affecting subsequent transfer of archives.
  5. Standby OMF redo logs should be created in FRA only if none of parameters db_create_online_log_dest_N or db_create_file_dest set 
  6. Fix possible issue with compress/uncompress of archive logs following a Graceful Switchover (GS)
  7. Fix a bug triggered when ssh was used instead of Dbvnet and parameter SSH_SKIP_OUTPUT_LINES was set
  8. Fix issue when Dbvisit attempted to apply a partly transferred archive with a name ending in "part"


7.0.08 (10 March 2014)
New Features & Enhancements:

  1. Various internal improvements including update to function reviewing foreign files in the FRA before CSD is performed


  1. Fix possible issue on Windows environments where DBVIST_BASE location was not set when attempting creation of DDC file, causing false messages stating the primary database is down
  2. Fix issue where errors are reported for Win32::Process::List


7.0.06 (26 February 2014)
New Features & Enhancements:

  1. Improve "dbvisit -r" command when resending archive logs from specific sequence to standby server. New format is now: "dbvisit -r <SEQUENCE_NUMBER> [<THREAD_NUMBER>] <DDC>"


  1. Fix issue that can cause email notification failure
  2. Add additional checks to resolve warning messages being displayed if the UNIX cron schedule is used
  3. Improve internal Dbvisit Standby Repository (DDR) cleanup procedure on the DBV_TRANSFER_LOG table when Multiple Threads (RAC) are used

7.0.04 (11 February 2014)
New Features & Enhancements:

  1. The new Dbvnet (Dbvisit Network Layer) is now default communication layer between primary and standby servers. Core features of Dbvnet:
    • Secure network communication
    • Compression of network traffic between primary and standby
    • Independence of SSH-based client/server network communication
  2. Enhanced web-based user interface (Dbvserver)
  3. New Dashboard option included in Dbvserver (Linux only)
  4. Additional features in Dbvserver for configuring Dbvserver and Dbvnet
  5. Improved "Run Interactive" screen
  6. Improved "Create Standby Database" (CSD) output
  7. Additional CSD pre-flight checks to review for foreign files in FRA
  8. Improved CSD for better handling of nls_numeric_characters=.,
  9. New and improved internal functions (cmn_find_file_glob_r)
  10. Additional steps implemented to check if recovery_scn returned from standby is integer
  11. New module implemented to handle new license keys
  12. New improved system readiness check
  13. Implementation of new Archivelog Management Module (AMM) check to ensure log have been applied to standby, before being enabled as candidates for deletion - AMM_CHECK_APPLIED function introduced
  14. Archivelog Managment Module (AMM) on source will now remove compressed logs from filesystem
  15. New Improved Pre- and Post Processing Scripts. Pre and Post Processing scripts can now be executed following a Standby Activation or as part of a Graceful Switchover (GS). Samples in $DBVISIT_BASE/standby/doc directory.
  16. Implement new improved internal compression module when compression is set in the DDC file (COMPRESS=dbvisit, UNCOMPRESS=dbvisit)
  17. Improved Graceful Switchover (GS) when using Oracle RAC environments, specific to where there are closed or inactive threads.

Note: Version 7.0.04 include all changes and fixes implemented up until the latest Dbvisit Standby Version 6 (6.0.56)


Quick Start Guide: https://dbvisit.atlassian.net/wiki/display/DSQIG

User Guide: https://dbvisit.atlassian.net/wiki/display/UGDS7

To Download, please go to http://www.dbvisit.com/products/downloads/



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