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Dbvisit Replicate 2.7.14 (17 Jun 2015) released


2.7.14 (17 June 2015)

Note: If upgrading from 2.6.02 or previous version and running RAC, the following
grant should be executed by sysdba:
SQL> grant select on gv_$transaction to dbvrep;

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  1. DROP_SUPPLEMENTAL_LOG_DATA parameter added to keep supplog data when unpreparing the table (RQ-1537)
  2. Possible slowdown on CSV output due to often requery of column names (RQ-1560)
  3. Fix truncation of varchar data if it contained ASCII 0 (RQ-1562)
  4. Fix possible temporary conflict with parallel apply of timestamp with time zone (RQ-1638)
  5. Improve quoting of backslash in table name in APPLY.sh (RQ-1548)
  6. Improved feedback for exec/! command (RQ-1598)
  7. Fix auto-retry on mysql connection lost (RQ-1631)
  8. Handle possible ORA-00001 on session audit information (RQ-1662, #7468)
  9. Watchdog for SQL Server (RQ-627)
  10. Improve DDL created for tables replicated to mysql - TIMESTAMP columns (RQ-395)
  11. Fix PROCESS LOCK SCHEMAS for double quoted schema name (RQ-1281)
  12. Fix possible crash in watchdog (RQ-1736)
  13. Reduce apply memory usage for large uncommitted transactions (RQ-1673)
  14. Improved error reporting for failed SMTP connections and auto-retry for failed SQL statements for MySQL target (RQ-957)
  15. Improved error reporting for failed SMTP connections and auto-retry for failed SQL statements for MSSQL target (RQ-958)
  16. Auto-resolve locks on target by looking ahead for rollbacks on source (RQ-1307)
  17. Increase mine speed by updating row counts less frequently (RQ-1671)
  18. Select default process name even if user does not use the usual MINE/APPLY names (RQ-1720)
  19. Fix The conversion of the nvarchar value overflowed an int column error for MSSQL (RQ-1723)
  20. Fix Invalid precision value (SQL-HY104) (RQ-1437)
  21. Ignore ORA-10655: Segment can be shrunk error (caused by Segment Advisor DDL) (RQ-1741)
  22. Relax rules on HOSTNAME:PORT_NUM (RQ-1561)
  23. Getting the correct start PLOG from the start SCN when adding a new replication pair (RQ-1688)
  24. Remove harmless warnings caused by table shrink (RQ-1760)
  25. Fix 9i support on HP-UX (RQ-1810 #7720)
  26. Fix memory leak (RQ-1673)

Dbvisit Replicate 2.7.14 can be downloaded from http://www.dbvisit.com/products/downloads/#replicate

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