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Error 9082 when running the *all.sh script

Problem Description

When running the \*all.sh script you may encounter this error:

Applier SCN set (start=19971943244, current=199720321996).
ERR-9082: Schema SCOTT not found at apply.
FATAL-9043: Error detected and ON\_ERROR set to EXIT.

Typically you may see this if you saw this in the setup wizard:

Following tables are defined for replication pairs:
1: SOURCE (Oracle) ==> TARGET (Oracle), DDL: yes, suffix: (no suffix), prepare: no-lock  
No tables defined.  
Enter number of replication pair to modify it, or "done": [1] 1

Please enter list of all individual tables to be replicated.
Enter schema name(s) only to replicate all tables in that schema.
Use comma or space to delimit the entries.  SCOTT, OE WARN-1741: Schema SCOTT does not exist at target database.  WARN-1741: Schema OE does not exist at target database.  ```

The target schemas must exist on the target database. Typically you want to export the tables.. (and you will do that later in the steps). So, the solution is to create empty schemas on the target.

Chris Lawless May 22, 2015 06:28

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