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Support package takes a long time to complete or hangs

Problem Description
There are several items that are being packaged into Dbvisit Replicate Mine/Apply support packages. Some of this information is being pulled from replicate's repository tables (in source database for mine and in target database for apply). If the support package does not hang but fails with an error please investigate the root cause or log a call with Dbvisit Support Team. 

In this case table "DBRSCOMMON_ERRORLOG" in the replication repository schema has grown too big and needs to be truncated.

Support package hangs or takes long time to complete.  


Check the table size:

sql> select count(1) from DBVREP.DBRSCOMMON_ERRORLOG;

If the table is large, truncate the table and check if you can create support package as needed. 


This will work on both source and target. If target is MS SQL or MySQL adjust the schema/database name accordingly.

Also, it is possible to disable writing the error into the table by setting variable:

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