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How to move process (APPLY or MINE) to another machine

  1. Shutdown MINE + APPLY.
  2. Copy database to new server.
  3. Adjust TNSNAMES on both - MINE and APPLY side to reflect the new server.
  4. Copy whole DDC configuration files with all subdirectories to new server.
  5. Be sure to copy PLOG directories (<DDC>/apply if moving APPLY process, <DDC>/mine if moving MINE process) with all PLOGS to the same directory as was originally on previous machine. These files might already be registered in repository database, so it will look for it there.
  6. Start the migrated database.
  7. Set interface parameters for APPLY process to the new server hostname:
    show interface
    set APPLY.APPLY_REMOTE_INTERFACE = <new_hostname>:7902

    Check if new value was registered:

    show interface
  8. Rename starting scripts of Dbvisit Replicate according to the new machine.
  9. Start MINE + APPLY.
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