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Dbvisit Replicate 2.7.18 (02 Oct 2015) Released


2.7.18 (02 Oct 2015)

Note: If upgrading from 2.6.02 or previous version and running RAC, the following
grant should be executed by sysdba:
SQL> grant select on gv_$transaction to dbvrep;

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  1. Fix some cases of recursive DDL related to tables with FK (RQ-1953)
  2. Let DDL scripts honour column exclusion (RQ-1938 RQ-1958)
  3. Fix possible lost of trace debug data (RQ-1946)
  4. Fix incorrect processing Ctrl-C on AIX during show all command (RQ-1809)
  5. Parse/ignore bitmap allocations in redo (RQ-1981)
  6. Fix apply trimming trailing spaces in strings over 2k (RQ-1975)
  7. Re-read redo block if the expected header is not there (#8086)
  8. Handle Oracle bug that causes invalid 9i-like redo header on 11g (#8086, RQ-1990)
  9. Ignore tables used by Compression Advisor since (RQ-1993)
  10. Detect compressed data in non-direct load and skip them (RQ-1989, #8149)
  11. --no-termcap failed on Windows when entering passwords in wizard (RQ-1994)
  12. MSSQL watchdog: add XID of source transaction to watchdog info (RQ-1889)
  13. Fix keeping the history of Thread-redo-plog for RAC environment (RQ-1867)
  14. Some specific numbers (e.g. 10^25) were replicated as null (RQ-1996)
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