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Loading a table while replication is ongoing

Problem Description

Is it possible to call the LOAD feature while replication is ongoing?


Yes there is a New Feature in 2.8 that allows this to occur.  The command is called PROCESS LOAD_REQUEST. You will need to make sure that the DBVREP schema has the proper privileges on the source:

grant select, flashback on chris.tab_tab to dbvrep

First Pause the mine:

dbvrep> pause mine                                                               
Mine requested to pause.

Then PREPARE the table:

dbvrep> prepare table scott.emp
Connecting to running apply [SCOTT.EMP]: [Apply table removed (0 metadata record(s)). Apply table added (1 metadata record(s)).]
Connecting to running mine [SCOTT.EMP]: [Table prepared (1 internal records).]
Table SCOTT.EMP instantiated at SCN *98389504*

LOAD the table:

dbvrep> PROCESS LOAD_REQUEST TABLE SCOTT.emp at instantiate scn                                                                                                        
Table SCOTT.EMP will be loaded using SCN  98389504

Connecting to running mine [SCOTT.EMP]: [0 records processed.]

Resume MINE:

dbvrep> resume mine

Mine requested to resume.
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