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Conflict reported by APPLY process - ROLLED BACK ON SOURCE

Problem Description

APPLY process reporting conflict:

APPLY IS running. Currently at plog 67609 and SCN 6823671700 (05/24/2013 17:23:58) and 1 apply conflicts so far (last at 24/05/2013 17:15:44).

Console shows the following:

ADVDBV.EA_CA_CAMPAIGN: 100% Mine:9/9 Unrecov:0/0 Applied:9/9 Conflicts:1/1 Last:24/05/2013 17:19:29/OK

And trying to list the conflicts shows nothing:

dbvrep> list conflict
No current conflict and no conflict specified by the command.

How can I find details about the conflict? How do I know if any changes are missing on the destination?


Please use the command: list conflict last to see the conflict. The conflict was apparently resolved automatically. The output of "list conflict last" will give you a direction regarding possible data divergence in the conflict.


Using list conflict last we get the following:

Error: ORA-02292: integrity constraint (ADVDBV.EA_CA_CAMPAIGN_TARGET_R01) violated - child record found


Does the message "Handled as: ROLLED BACK ON SOURCE" mean that the problem is solved on source and no inconsistencies exist on target?


The "ROLLED BACK ON SOURCE" means that the same error occurred on the source system and was rolled back. That is why it was automatically rolled back on the target as well. It was listed as a conflict so that you know this has happened.

Arjen Visser  May 25, 2013 12:05

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