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Which port must be open for Dbvisit Replicate?

Problem Description

While setting up a Dbvisit Replicate PoC between our DPC and AWS we found some problem related to closed ports. As we can't redirect all ports to our internal Oracle server, we just opened 7889, 7890, 7891, 7901 & 1902 and in AWS part we allowed 7901 & 7902. Are we missing some other ports?


The following ports should be open on both systems:

7890, 7889, 7891, 7901 and 7902

If you have already executed *-all.sh script then open console using start-console.sh script and execute show interface command to list all ports required by Dbvisit Replicate. In order to see which ports are being used by Replicate, please use the following command:

dbvrep> show interface 
*.MINE_REMOTE_INTERFACE = localhost:7890 
APPLY.APPLY_REMOTE_INTERFACE = ec2-174-129-45-84.compute-1.amazonaws.com:7902 
*.APPLY_REMOTE_INTERFACE = localhost:7891 
*.FETCHER_REMOTE_INTERFACE = localhost:7889 
*.MINE_LISTEN_INTERFACE = localhost:7890 
MINE.MINE_REMOTE_INTERFACE = vivaldi.localdomain:7901 
*.APPLY_LISTEN_INTERFACE = localhost:7891 

Use the following command to verify that all processes can connect to each other

  dbvrep> healthcheck

For more information please see:

Arjen Visser  May 25, 2013 12:20

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