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Dbvisit Replicate "help" command does not work

Problem Description

Running the HELP command from the dbvrep console crashed the console. How to overcome it?

dbvrep> help
FATAL-6022: Help file /tmp/par-oracle/cache-f0df48136f72c4177bb31ec33e6863afbd093e2a/inc/dbvrep.1 cannot be opened: No such file or directory. 
[oracle@vivaldi oracle]$
  1. Exit the console
  2. Clear the /tmp/par-oracle directory.  

    rm -rf /tmp/par-oracle
  3. Start the dbvrep console again.

The error is due to incorrect unpacking during the first start of dbvrep console.  Clearing the par-oracle directory and unpacking again should fix the issue.

Jakub Sejba  May 28, 2013 19:01

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