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Configure Dbvisit Replicate: Quick Overview


The articles provides a quick overview of the configuration steps and phases for a replication setup different environments.

Configuration Steps


Phase 1

  • Dbvisit Replicate configuration is done by running setup wizard on the source server.
  • This setup wizard does not touch source or target database but creates several scripts which we must execute to configure Dbvisit Replicate on source and target Dbs.
  • To ease the task of executing these scripts Dbvisit Replicate creates a master script that executes all scripts. In this way, the user needs only execute one script: <replication_name-all.bat.
  • When the replication_name-all.bat script is executed it loads metadata (creates tables in dbvrep schema and loads data) in the source database and creates empty tables in the target database.

Phase 2

  • Once the replication_name-all.bat script is executed we are ready to start the replication.
  • Starting replication requires starting MINE and APPLY processes.
  • MINE runs on source and APPLY runs on target.
  • To start MINE/APPLY we need the script to start the process and the associated DDC file.
  • So to start MINE, we need the <replication\_name>-run-<sourceserver>.bat file and the <replication\_name>-MINE.ddc file. Similarly, to start APPLY, we need the <replication\_name>-run-<targetserver>.bat file and the <replication\_name>-APPLY.ddc file.
  • APPLY runs on the target server, so we have to move the <replication\_name>-run-<targetserver>.bat file and the <replication\_name>-APPLY.ddc file to that target server.
  • If all files are created under "D:\Rep" folder on the source then we must have same folder on the target and we have to copy the <replication\_name>-run-<targetserver>.bat file and the <replication\_name>-APPLY.ddc file in that location. This can be customised in the setup wizard.

In a Linux environment MINE/APPLY runs as a process. Therefore, we need only two files to start MINE/APPLY:

  1. Shell script to start MINE/APPLY.
  2. MINE/APPLY ddc file.

However, on Windows MINE and APPLY act as services. So we need three files to start MINE/APPLY:

  1. Batch script to create MINE/APPLY services
  2. Batch Script to start MINE/APPLY
  3. MINE/APPLY ddc file.

On Windows we can run MINE/APPLY in the foreground. To do so:

  • Edit the <replication\_name>-run-<targetserver>.bat and <replication\_name>-run-<sourceserver>.bat files and replace start_service with start
  • Do not run the script to create services and run only above scripts.

Krupesh Desai May 14, 2014 16:09

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