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No Response from Dbvrep Executable

Problem Description

During a restart of the fetcher process on production server, we get no response at all. When we try to start the dbvrep process it gives no response either.

Do you think that the cause of this might be swapping on the server? However, connection via the target server to production server works fine. Also the processes on the target are working as normal. As is the console. Sorry, no logs are generated at all!

[oracle@odb1-db01 PRD-REP2]$ ./PRD-REP2-run-odb-db01.services.com.sh
[oracle@odb1-db01 PRD-REP2]$

No response. Not even from:

[oracle@odb-db01 PRD-REP2]$ ./start-console.sh
[oracle@odb-db01 PRD-REP2]$

cd in log directory: nothing.


Try removing the following temp directory on your Fetcher server before looking to restart this process:

/tmp/par-oracle - Unix Environments

C:\Users\<INSTALL_USER>\AppData\Local\Temp - Windows Environments

The same principle applies, whether the dbvrep executable is used for the MINE, APPLY or FETCHER process.

Mike Donovan December 12, 2014 21:37

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