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Does Dbvisit Replicate Support Nologging Operations?

Problem Description

This Article explains about what nologging operations are and how dbvisit replicate handles them.


If a statement is made with the nologging operation this means that Oracle will not put the informations in the redo logs. Some people call these unrecoverable operations. These statements are typically the direct load operations of SQL*Loader or an INSERT APPEND hint.

Dbvisit Replicate cannot handle these operations. The Dbvisit MINE process reads the redo log for relevant information. If the data is not in the redo log then MINE will not be able to read it. This will manifest itself in the column Unrecov in the dbvrep Console. Any non 0 number will reflect that a nologging operation has occurred.

Chris Lawless December 24, 2014 03:13

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