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Replicate from Standby Database

Problem Description

Can we use an existing Dbvisit Standby database as a source for a Replicate target database?


Yes! With Dbvisit Standby version 7.0.30 and higher you can read standby archive logs to move data to a target database.

Note: for this example the Standby database & the Replicate target co-exist on same host. Tnsnames.ora on this server has an entry for a primary database that it will use to connect to for metadata (dbvrep) table updates.

RAC as source database isn't supported. 

  1. Install the same version of Replicate Software on primary, standby & target hosts.

  2. Run the dbvrep setup wizard on the primary server and define what you want to replicate.

  3. Run the -all.sh (or -all.bat for Windows) script on the primary source DB.

  4. Instantiate the target from primary with APPLY.sh or whatever is advised by the NextSteps.txt output.

    Note: tnsnames.ora entry may be needed on primary to connect to the target database for this step. Please refer to the User Guide.

  5. Copy *.ddc & *.sh over to the target host. Include start-console.sh.

    Note: in this example both MINE & APPLY run on the target host which is the same as the Standby host.

  6. Start up the console from the target host & change/set the following:

    dbvrep> set MINE.MINE_REMOTE_INTERFACE = <IP_or_Name_of_Your_StandbyHost>:7901 , ie dbvtarget:7901
    dbvrep> set MINE.MINE_ARCH_DEST = <path to Dbvisit Standby archive logs directory on standby DB>
    dbvrep> set MINE.MINE_ARCH_DEST_FORMAT = %t_%s_%r.arc -- make sure that default format has not been changed
  7. Add rows to user/password @YOUR_SOURCEDB replicated tables.

  8. Run $ dbvisit <DDC> to ship logs on Primary.

  9. Run $dbvisit <DDC> to APPLY logs on Standby.

  10. Start MINE & APPLY processes on target host.

  11. Verify that new rows are added on the target database.

Donna Zehl January 22, 2015 04:16

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