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Replicate from Standby Database

Problem Description

Can we use an existing Dbvisit Standby database as a source for a Replicate target database?


Yes! With Dbvisit Standby version 7.0.30 and higher you can read standby archive logs to move data to a target database.

Note: for this example the Standby database & the Replicate target co-exist on same host. Tnsnames.ora on this server has an entry for a primary database that it will use to connect to for metadata (dbvrep) table updates.

  1. Install the same version of Replicate Software on primary, standby & target hosts.

  2. Run the dbvrep setup wizard on the primary server and define what you want to replicate.

  3. Run the -all.sh (or -all.bat for Windows) script on the primary source DB.

  4. Instantiate the target from primary with APPLY.sh or whatever is advised by the NextSteps.txt output.

    Note: tnsnames.ora entry may be needed on primary to connect to the target database for this step. Please refer to the User Guide.

  5. Copy *.ddc & *.sh over to the target host. Include start-console.sh.

    Note: in this example both MINE & APPLY run on the target host which is the same as the Standby host.

  6. Start up the console from the target host & change/set the following:

    dbvrep> set MINE.MINE_REMOTE_INTERFACE = <IP_or_Name_of_Your_StandbyHost>:7901 , ie dbvtarget:7901
    dbvrep> set MINE.MINE_ARCH_DEST = <path to Dbvisit Standby archive logs directory on standby DB>
    dbvrep> set MINE.MINE_ARCH_DEST_FORMAT = %t_%s_%r.arc -- make sure that default format has not been changed
  7. Add rows to user/password @YOUR_SOURCEDB replicated tables.

  8. Run $ dbvisit <DDC> to ship logs on Primary.

  9. Run $dbvisit <DDC> to APPLY logs on Standby.

  10. Start MINE & APPLY processes on target host.

  11. Verify that new rows are added on the target database.

Donna Zehl January 22, 2015 04:16

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