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Table with Different Columns on Source and Target

Problem Description

Is it possible to update the same table, but with different columns which are not replicated from the source, in the target database while normal replication is happening? For example:

  1. Source table has a,b columns.
  2. Target table has a,b,c columns. Column 'c' will be added to the target table.
  3. At the target only 'c' column will be updated and columns 'a,b' will be same as source DB

Yes, this is possible. You might notice the below warning message when using the PREPARE statement in the console or in the -all.log but you can ignore it:

WARN-9248: Column SCH.TEST1.USER_ID is not in table SCH.TEST1 on mine.

In this example, user_id exists on the target but not on the source.

Ankit Arora January 23, 2015 16:34

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