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TSL/SSL Mail Settings for Notifications

Problem Description

This article explains the option to setup SMTP email notifications for Dbvisit Replicate.


There are two options to set SMTP email notifications in Dbvisit Replicate:

Non encrypted SMTP using port 25
If the non-encrypted SMTP option (MAILCFG_USE_SSL = NO) is chosen, then ensure the port (MAILCFG_PORT) is set to 25.
SSL/TLS encrypted SMTP using port 465
If SSL/TLS SMTP option (MAILCFG_USE_SSL = YES) is chosen, then ensure the port (MAILCFG_PORT) is set to 465.

The following settings are relevant to SMTP email notifications:

*.MAILCFG_SMTP_SERVER = smtp.gmail.com
*.MAILCFG_AUTH_USER = emaillogin@yourcompany.com
*.NOTIFY_ALL_EMAIL = dba@yourcompany.com
*.MAILCFG_FROM = replicate@dbvisit.com
*.NOTIFY_SUCCESS_EMAIL = dba@yourcompany.com
*.MAILCFG_AUTH_PASSWD = plaintextpassword


  • Gmail uses TSL/SSL, so for gmail set MAILCFG_USE_SSL = YES and MAILCFG_PORT = 465
  • If MAILCFG_USE_SSL = YES, then MAILCFG_PORT must be set to 465. Setting this to port 25 will result in an error.

Arjen Visser March 31, 2015 16:50

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