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FATAL-5203: Sanity check: cannot allocate


Read our docs This article explains how to resolve issue when APPLY crashes with FATAL-5203 error

Problem Details

Problem Statement

APPLY fails with error 

Applicable Error Code

FATAL-5203: Sanity check: cannot allocate -234524800 bytes.

Affected Versions

Version Independent , noticed in 2.8 

Affected Platforms

Platform independent

Problem Description


APPLY Crashes with a sanity check error


This could be a problem with the size of the PLOG. A full PLOG may not have been received. This can occur if there is a network issue or possibly a problem with a share disk or NFS mount.

Resend the PLOG over. Details on how to do this can be found here:


Chris Lawless May 08, 2015 09:02

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