Refresh Only One Datafile in Standby Database from the Primary


From Dbvisit 6.0.34 a new feature was added to allow you to refresh only one datafile on the standby database from the primary. This option is only available from the command line interface using the dbv_functions executable.

Below Article explains in detail about this in Version 6.0 and 7.0 and a link has been provided for Version 8.0


From the dbv_functions -h command output showing the usage (help) of this function you will notice under the advance options the option to copy datafile from the primary to the standby.

Example help output:

cd /usr/local/dbvisit/standby
./dbv_functions -h
- Copy a datafile from the primary to the standby
dbv_functions -a DATABASE_NAME refresh_datafile FILE#

Below is an example of using the dbv_functions option to refresh one datafile on the standby server. The file in this example being refreshed is datafile number 8.


oracle@dbvlin503[/usr/local/dbvisit/standby]: ./dbv_functions -a proddb refresh_datafile 8
RMAN backup tag 'dbv_proddb_datafile' deleted.
Backing up datafile 8...
Transfer backup of datafile 8 to standby server: /usr/tmp/dbv_proddb_datafile_dbf_8_0vobhbn6_1_1.rman...
RMAN backup tag 'dbv_proddb_datafile' deleted.
Catalog backuppiece '/usr/tmp/dbv_proddb_datafile_dbf_8_0vobhbn6_1_1.rman'...
Restore datafile 8...
Datafile 8 copied from +DATA/prod/datafile/data.345.817408525 on dbvlin503 to /u01/app/oracle/oradata/proddb/PRODDB/data.345.817408525 on dbvlin504.

The process will create an online backup of the datafile on the primary server using RMAN backup commands. The file will then be transfered to the standby server where it will be restored and the original file on the standby server will be replaced with the new one.

Version 8.0:

Anton Els June 19, 2013 07:54

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