How to Make Sure that the Standby Database Is up-to-date with the Primary?

Problem Description

How do we make sure that the standby database is updated according to the primary database? What methods and options are there available to us to verify this?

Log Gap report

This shows the archive log transfer and apply differentials between the primary and standby sides, along with that difference reported in time. You can find more information on the user guide. Refer to Version specific user guide .

Standby Status Sync Report

Standby Status Sync Report in the web based interface, Reporting section. This shows fine grained detail on the differences between the primary and the standby database. The report includes current SCNs of primary and standby databases with time, and which SCN and sequence is required by standby database for recovery.

Please see the following blog post on how to check this manually.

Manually Verify Data

Open the standby database in read-only mode and query on data that you would expect to be there to verify it is. You could even create a new table and insert some data on the primary database, then run Dbvisit Standby on the primary and standby database, to check that the data flows through. You can find more information on the Open Read-Only command on the version specific user guide.

Mike Donovan July 05, 2013 14:02

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