Dbvserver Is Showing Different Local Server Time

Problem Description

Dbvisit Standby is installed on Linux x86_64 and everything is working fine but when using Scheduling from Dbvserver (GUI) it is showing a different Local Server Time. Our time zone is America-Lima (GMT-5). GUI interface is showing five hours of difference, but on the servers the time is OK.

For example:

Linux Server time: 13:30

Dbserver GUI shows Local Server Time: 18:30


Check whether the TZ variable has been set on your system. At least, in the shell that started Dbvserver. If you wish to try yourself, then just run these commands:

/etc/init.d/dbvserverd stop
export TZ=Pacific-Auckland
/etc/init.d/dbvserverd start

Then go to the About page in the web based GUI and compare the time-date displayed. If this corrects the issue then make sure you set the TZ variable in the shell that starts the Dbvserver process: add the TZ variable to any of the start-up Bash control files /etc/bashrc (or /etc/bashrc.local) or /etc/profile to make the change permanent.

If the database is running on RAC, then this action needs to be done on all nodes.


There is a file called dbvserver.conf and this contains

date_time_zone =

This config variable date_time_zone is now obsolete. The correct date and time is controlled by the setting of the shell variable TZ.

Mike Donovan July 07, 2013 23:30

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