Moving Standby Server to New Premises



How to resync the standby database when the server is being fork lifted to new location.

We are moving our standby server to new premises, it would take us to 10 to 20 days to put it back on track. So we would like to know the best options for stopping the service of synchronization temporarily by keeping the fact that the archive log max size is 50 GB and approximately around 6 - 10 GB log files are generated per day.

Do we need to disable the archive logs and dbvist sync job and start from scratch or do you have any other suggested approaches?


During the time that you are moving your standby database you will need to:

  1. Disable the Dbvisit sync job. Do not disable archive log mode on your primary server.

  2. When the standby server is operational again, then resync the standby database with the following option (you do not need to start from scratch):

    For Version 6.0: 

        For Version 7.0 : 

        For Version 8.0: 


Note: During this time, you DO NOT have a DR server for your primary database.

Arjen Visser December 20, 2013 20:36

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