Windows Service Times Out (Dbvserver or Dbvnet)

Problem Description

When starting the Dbvserver or Dbvnet Windows services a timeout can occur.This is due to Windows having a 30 second limit for services to start.

In most cases, just performing a restart of the Dbvnet or Dbvserver service would resolve the issue.

This Usually happens in Version 7.0


The tests below can be used to start the Dbvserver (Web Based GUI) from a command line as a test. If you can start Dbvserver via the command line with this option and can connect via the GUI (http://yourservername:8081) but the Windows Service times out, it is an indication that you are running into this 30 second limit. More details can be found HERE.

To test the start of Dbvserver via the Command line you can run the following command:

dbvserverd.exe /noservice

The above command will start Dbvserver (Web Based Interface) in command line mode (Windows option only)



If you get output similar to the above you should be able to login to the Web Based Console to test.


  • This is not the recommended way to run Dbvserver or Dbvnet. Using the /noservice option is not recommended and should only be used for troubleshooting or if recommended to you by Dbvisit Support.
  • Closing or cancelling out of this session with CTRL-C will stop Dbvserver.

Anton Els February 10, 2014 14:03

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