Applies the Archive Log Files of All Instances but only Deletes Trace Files of Instance 1 (Version 6.0 and Version 7.0)


Problem Description

Dbvisit runs for instance 1, applies the archive log files of all instances but only deletes trace files of instance 1. When we run dbvisit for any other instance on the standby side it also deletes the respective trace files.


We see this Issue in Dbvisit Standby V6 and V7, when setup in a RAC environment.

On Standby Server we have n number of nodes. DDC files are present for each node. When running Dbvisit for any node on Standby side, Dbvisit is able to apply logs for all Nodes but deletes trace files only for that particular node. This is because each DDC is specific to each Node.

 Possible workarounds you could consider are:

  • Schedule a daily script that runs on the standby at a time different to Dbvisit running on node 2, to remove all trace files matching a pattern *_dbv*DDC2_YYYYMMDDHHMI.trc

  • Schedule Dbvisit on the standby to run alternatively with DDC1 and DDC2, to remove traces for both DDCs:

    * * * * 00,20,40 dbvisit DDC1
    * * * * 10,30,50 dbvisit DDC2
Additional Notes
  • All primary nodes need to send the archive logs to the single standby node.
  • Dbvisit Standby will apply the archives from all threads to the standby database.
  • Dbvisit Standby is scheduled on the standby server using the instance name from one of the primary nodes.

If the RAC configuration has 2 instances called RACDB1 and RACDB2 and the standby database is called RACDB, then Dbvisit Standby is executed on the standby server using the command:

dbvisit RACDB1

Donna Zehl May 21, 2014 01:41

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